Welcome to O2

O2 Environment + Engineering is a specialist soil and water consultancy serving clients in Australian and international mining, development, government and infrastructure sectors. Our clients engage with us when they are faced with a soil or water management problem that is high risk for a project , or particularly difficult to solve. The traditional services we operate in include erosion and sediment control, catchment management planning, hydrology and hydraulics, flood risk management, mine water management, water sensitive urban design, soil mapping, strategic cropping land, good quality agricultural land, acid sulphate soils, contaminated land and land disposal of effluent.

We are trusted by clients and regulators to deliver outcomes. We've received approval from regulators to act as a client consultant and independent environmental auditor. We have acted on several projects as a client's environmental representative and contractors environmental consultant.

We're certified and qualified. We have 7 CPESC's (Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control), 3 associated CPESC's, 3 CPSS (Certified Professional Soil Scientists), 1 RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland), and a host of other clever soil and water scientists and engineers located geographically on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Vietnam.

Call us when your soil or water problem is big and the answer is important.