Due Diligence Assessment

A Due Diligence Assessment (DDA) is usually complete or a part of Stage 1 PSI.  A DDA identifies any potential for gross contamination to be present on site. The purpose is to inform the client of any liabilities on a site, which may influence a commercial decision to purchase or to develop.  A DDA does not necessarily have to be a full PSI in accordance to EHP guidelines, although a DDA will give the client sufficient information to make a commercial decision.

A DDA at the beginning of the purchasing or developing process, can save the client unnecessary costs of a full assessment.

O2 can deliver DDA at a competitive price, using highly qualified and experienced contaminated land consultants. O2 only uses personal with at least 5 years' experience in contaminated land matters.

O2 has completed DDAs on a number of sites for a client with an agenda to purchase sites for commercial use. The 'screening' approach of DDA of their sites lead to commercial decisions to use the sites with low potential for site contamination and disregard those sites with a high risk.  This reduces the company's overall liability in developing the commercial sites.