Our Partners

O2 works together with a number of other specialist companies from time to time to assist our clients with a wider range of services and offer depth in assisting with project management and construction. 


 www.o2ecology.com.au | info@o2ecology.com.au

O2 Ecology is an ecological and environmental consultancy that specialises in Flora and Fauna Surveys, Ecological and Environmental Impact Assessments, and Environmental Management and Approvals to the mining and gas, planning, infrastructure and development, and rehabilitation and monitoring sectors.

O2 Ecology is located in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  The team has worked throughout Australia on many projects and for many industries.

Stormwater treatment products

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 www.turbid.com.au | info@turbid.com.au

The standard sediment basin is highly ineffective. According to a recent SCRC study, standard batch treatment basins widely used in Queensland are only capable of capturing 15-20% of all sediment runoff from a site.

Turbid designs and manufactures an alternative solution the standard sediment basin, the flow through basin. These devices are four to five times more effective than standard basins, can occupy a smaller footprint than standard basins and operate passively, saving labour costs and reducing risk of failure due to operator error.

The devices are ideally suited for use on large construction sites (>2ha), quarries and mines and recommended for use by O2 in these scenarios.