Contaminated Land

Sellers, buyers, developers and owners/occupiers of land affected by contamination are exposed to risk. A risk that cannot always be seen, and never quantified without investigation.

As a specialist company in contaminated land, we offer a focus and depth of understanding of the risks, assessment and innovative remediation that generalist consultancies do not. 

Services as outlined in the contaminated land process

Click on the chart flow below to learn more about stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, Due Diligence Assessment, Conceptual Site Model and Sampling and analysis quality plans.

Preliminary site investigation Detailed site investigation
due diligence
conceptual site model
site sampling and analysis quality plan
Is the risk to land users at acceptable levels

O2 have undertaken contaminated land services on a number of projects ranging in size and type including pre-acquisition site investigations, Stage 1 and 2 assessments, through to remediation, disposal, treatment or management and validation of sites.

Our specialist staff can assist clients with any matters related to contaminated land >>