Hydrology and Hydraulics

At O2 Environment + Engineering, our qualified team of Hydrology and Hydraulic specialists is experienced in all aspects of Water Resources Engineering. We are able to assist our clients with problems and issues involving the flow, circulation, treatment and storage of water using a combination of scientific study and tried and tested practical measures.

Managing water on the surface, in the soil and in our rivers and waterways is becoming a greater concern in our constantly changing environment. Likewise is the importance of water supply, storage and treatment.

The specialised team at O2 has over 40 years' experience in project managing our water resources including; engineering hydrology, flood studies, flood risk management, river engineering, hydraulics and computer modelling.

At O2 we are focused on applying the latest software and hardware technologies to investigate, understand, and model using the widest range of applications. Our team has worked on local and interstate projects as well as internationally in the U.K., Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, India, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Jordan and Somalia.

Hydrology and Hydraulics Service Sheet