Stormwater Management and Water Sensitive Urban Design

The O2 team is made up of senior water engineers with extensive stormwater management and water sensitive urban design experience. We provide plans for the management of stormwater runoff from pre to post development to minimise risk to the environment and minimise potential claims and costs to our clients.

Stormwater runoff is an on going concern in terms of project management, in particular the issue of volume and timing as well as water pollution caused by contaminants. O2 has in place the knowledge and experience to assist clients in implementing a stormwater management plan to reduce downstream erosion caused by runoff and to reduce the risk of water quality degradation and flooding.

The design of effective stormwater treatment plans to reduce runoff is a key focus area. Our qualified team of water engineers and hydraulic specialists is experienced in designing stormwater treatment systems from initial concept and detailed design through to construction supervision.

Another key service area for O2 is Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and the integration of water cycle management into urban planning and design. We assist our clients to accommodate water sensitive urban design principles into their projects, from policy and planning through to design and implementation. O2 can help clients achieve a sustainable outcome on their developments by developing water conservation strategies such as water recycling and potential re-use opportunities through effective water treatment devices and on site storage measures.

SWM and WSUD Service Sheet